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Car Rental Policy


Pursuant to the State Administration Manual (S.A.M. 0218.0) the following procedures are mandatory when renting vehicles. This policy applies to University employees and registered volunteers. When renting a vehicle the driver does not need to purchase the additional insurance coverage offered by the vendor, as all insurance needs have been negotiated into the price of the vehicle, as long as the renter uses the mandatory account number.

The above policy is mandatory and if not followed, the renter risks a reimbursement request being disallowed or the responsibility of refunding university accounts with personal funds. Please call the Accounts Payable office at 51156 or 51157 should you have questions.

Policy: In-State Rentals

Las Vegas
All car rentals occurring within Las Vegas are required to rent with Enterprise (formerly UNLV Motorpool).

  • Reservations with Enterprise using a Purchase Order
  • Reservations with Enterprise using a credit card
    • Enter Corporate Number NA5443 in the "Optional" field
    • When prompted use PIN # UNL

All car rentals occurring within the Reno/Carson City area are required to rent through the State of Nevada Motorpool. Refer to "Vehicle Pick-up and Drop-off Instructions" for after hours pick-ups, drop-offs and vehicle shortages.

Policy: Out-of-State Rentals

All out-of-state car rentals must be rented through one of the contracted car rental agencies. Detailed agency information can be found on the State of Nevada Purchasing website. When making reservation use appropriate account number to ensure accurate pricing and insurance.

Additional Information

Risk Management and Safety
To view information regarding vehicle operation, insurance coverage and maintenance of UNLV, State Motorpool, rental and personal vehicles visit the Risk Management and Safety website.

Accident Policy
Should an employee be involved in an accident involving a rental car, the employee should immediately report the accident to (1) the rental car agency; (2) Michael Means of UNLV Risk Management and Safety at (702) 895-4226.

The Facilities website contains additional information on the above policies.



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