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  UNLV Travel Document Instructions

Travel Document (TD) Instructions

To obtain a travel document download the form from our Forms and Downloads page. Travel document numbers are assigned by Yvette Walton. You may obtain a block of numbers by emailing a request to her.

Note: completion of a travel authorization serves numerous purposes:

  • Approval from supervisor and UNLV that the trip is authorized for "official UNLV business travel"

  • Establishes status of traveler for insurance purposes

  • Authorizes payment to UNLV contracted travel agent for airline ticket(s)

  • Indicates funding source for payment of traveler's expenses

Numbers below correspond with sample TD form. Sections I and II must be completed prior to trip, as this is the official UNLV "travel authorization" for the trip. Form needs to be typed or legibly printed. Please indicate all amounts in dollars and cents.

  1. Traveler/Trip Information Complete Section I & II prior to trip. Once approved enter trip information into ileave.

    1. Date form is prepared.

    2. First name and last initial of person responsible for the preparation of this document.

    3. Enter the campus 4-digit Mail Sort Code of person listed in #2.

    4. Phone number of preparer listed in #2.

    5. What is the status of the traveler for the purpose of this trip? Check a box. If you are not sure, refer to the UNLV Travel Policy (II).

    6. Fax number of preparer listed in #2.

    7. Enter the Last Name, First name, and MI of the traveler or team/group leader.

    8. Enter the traveler's vendor code (Employee: E+Employee #; Student: S+Student #; Registered Volunteer: V+Volunteer #; Team/group travel: E+SSN or S+SSN as applicable).

    9. If not a UNLV Employee, enter the complete home address for student or volunteer.

    10. Enter the department where the traveler works or the sponsoring department for students, teams, or groups.

    11. Enter the campus 4-digit Mail Sort Code of the traveler.

    12. Enter the principal destination(s) of travel (not connecting cities).

    13. Enter the traveler's estimated departure date, time, and enter an "A" for AM, and "P" for PM.

    14. Enter the traveler's estimated return date, time, and enter an "A" for AM, and "P" for PM. 

    15. Enter the purpose for the trip (e.g., Conference, Meeting, Competition, Colloquium, Recruiting, Research, etc.). Do not use acronyms! Here are some examples:

      • Int'l Assoc. of Gaming Attorney's Conference

      • Board of Regents Meeting

      • International Jazz Competition

      • Faculty Recruitment, National Accounting Meeting

      • Research, Environ. Protection Assoc., Air Quality Grant

  2. Travel Authorization Section

Estimated Travel Costs: Provide an account number, appropriate object and sub-object codes, and fill in the estimated amount for each expense category listed. Refer to Appendix U or the UNLV Disbursements web site, 

The object and sub-object codes will vary depending upon funding source, whether in-state, out-of-state, or foreign travel, and the type of traveler (employee, student, volunteer, group/team, etc.).

  1. Amount from travel agent or quote for airfare. If applicable, enter PO for airfare.

  2. Amount of lodging expenses including taxes per the GSA Tables.

  3. Amount for registration. If applicable, reference PV or PO.

  4. Amount based on estimated meal per diem for travel status. See travel topic "Lodging and Meals".

  5. Amount for motor pool car (in-state travel) or car rental including taxes (out-of-state travel). 

  6. Amount for personal auto mileage if applicable.

  7. Amount of miscellaneous travel expenses. Examples: parking, taxi fare. This section may be used for extra accounting lines as needed.

  8. Total of 16-22.

  9. Traveler must indicate his/her status. If the traveler is a Nonresident Alien they must contact the Nonresident Alien Tax Specialist (NRAT) at (702) 895-1243, to determine travel eligibility prior to traveling.

  10. Contact the UNLV Travel Team to determine eligibility for a travel advance. If eligible, enter amount of advance, date needed by, and forward a signed copy to Accounts Payalbe MS 1053, for the advance to be issued.

  11. Traveler must sign and date here prior to departure.

  12. Supervisor must sign and date here prior to traveler's departure.

  13. Person who has signature authority for each account listed in 16-22 must sign and date prior to the traveler's departure and prior to faxing to UNLV contracted travel agency.

  14. For exception items appropriate signature (President, Vice President, or Dean).

Note: To obtain an airline ticket from a UNLV contracted travel agency, appropriate signatures must be on the TD prior to faxing to the travel agent for payment of the ticket. Sections I and II of the TD must be completed and signed by the appropriate authorities prior to departure.

  1. Travel Claim Section (complete after trip)

Update Section I if trip dates and times have changed from the original estimate. Enter the appropriate account number for each expense type.

Note: Completion of Section III is to reimburse the traveler for expenses incurred and to clear expenses charged to UNLV.

  • The Travel Document must be completed and submitted no later than 15 days after completion of the trip.

  • The Travel Itinerary Worksheet (TIW) details expenses and needs to be completed prior to filling out Section III.

  • Follow the instructions on the reverse side of the of TIW.

  • The original receipts must be attached to the TD including a detailed hotel folio.

  • Enter the appropriate account number(s) and object and sub-object codes for each expense in items 31-40.

  1. Airfare: Check the appropriate box indicating who was charged for the airline ticket. Enter the total amount charged or to be reimbursed. Attach the ticket coupon or the electronic ticket form that was issued by the travel agency/airline and the flight itinerary.

  2. Personal Auto: Enter the total amount to be reimbursed. For mileage reimbursement, attach the Local Travel Log - Privately Owned Vehicle or a Mapquest.

  3. Lodging: Enter the total amount to be reimbursed (including tax). Other expenses on the lodging receipt should be identified and claimed as "Other" (see #40 below).

  4. Meals/Per Diem: Enter the total amount for the trip. Receipts are not required for the meal per diem reimbursement. Per Diem may not be claimed where a Hosted meal is provided. For team/group meals, attach a completed, signed, and dated Per Diem Roster Sheet for meal per diem paid to each team/group travel member for each day.

  5. Host Expense: Enter the total amount for the hosted meals or other hosted activities providing the required detail information on the TIW.

  6. Registration: Enter the total amount to be reimbursed or that was paid directly to an organization and attach a complete copy of the conference brochure, agenda, etc.

  7. Car Rental: Enter the total amount to be reimbursed from a state contracted agency.

  8. Taxi, Bus, Other Transportation (specify): Enter the total amount to be reimbursed for these types of expenses.

  9. Parking: Enter the total amount to be reimbursed (airport, hotel, metered).

  10. Other (specify): Enter the total amount for other expense categories detailed on the TIW. Other might include business phone calls (indicate personal and business calls on the receipt), and toll charges. This section may be used for extra accounting lines as needed.

  11. Total Amount Claimed: Add amounts listed in 31-40.

  12. Enter the PV# or PCard and the registration amount prepaid by UNLV. 

  13. Enter the PO#, PV#, etc., for non-air transportation or other amount prepaid by UNLV.

  14. Enter the PV # or PCard and the lodging amount prepaid by UNLV.

  15. Enter airfare amount prepaid by UNLV to a UNLV travel agency or via PCard.

  16. Add amounts listed above in 42-45, for the total deductions.

  17. Total Amount Claimed Less Deductions: Subtract #46 from #41.

  18. If an advance was received, enter the amount.

  19. Difference Due Traveler or Excess Due UNLV: Subtract #48 from #47. If it is a negative number, attach a personal check or money order payable to Board of Regents for that amount.

  20. Use this section to make remarks that explain unusual circumstances, flight delays, etc.

  21. Each signature certifies that this document complies with the UNLV Travel Policy.

  22. Traveler must sign and date Section III and attach the TIW and all original receipts.

  23. Supervisor must sign Section III to approve the expenses being claimed.

  24. For exception items listed, the President, Provost, Vice President, Dean, or Director must sign Section III, as appropriate. Other supervisory signatures required for the department or unit.

  25. Person(s) with signature authority for all accounts listed above in the claim, including a host account, if applicable.

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