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When on travel status it is required to obtain and submit an airline itinerary regardless if reimbursement is being requested. The itinerary is used to establish travel status for all reimbursements. The itinerary dates and times establish meal per diem eligibility.


Airline itinerary should reference the following items:

  • Passenger Name
  • Departure Date and Time
  • Arrival Date and Time
  • Method of Payment (Follow Receipts Policy)

Bonus Flight Points: SAM SECTION 0217
Several commercial airlines allow the accumulation of free bonus flight points to travelers based on miles flown or as an inducement to travel with that airline. Any flight bonus points received by State agencies or State employees as a result of State-paid air travel shall, whenever possible, be used by the agency to meet State travel needs.

NSHE Chapter 5 Section 10. Travel
Employee Travel
1. NSHE follows the travel regulations for employee travel established by the State of Nevada Board of Examiners, unless otherwise stated below. Documentation is required to be attached to the travel claim when exceptions are granted to the standard hotel rates as stated in SAM sections 0212.0 and 0214.0. When flying on Southwest Airlines, the additional fees to upgrade to the Business Select level, will not be reimbursed to the traveler.


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