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Accounts Payable Topic: Sponsorship


Your department may be able to use existing funds to sponsor an event, organization, or activity. State 21xx money, and some grant accounts, may not be used.

However, before doing so, the sponsoring department needs to internally justify the expense by answering:

Why are we sponsoring this activity and specifically how does this help us to accomplish our mission?

Sponsorship of an activity should be related to the mission of the sponsoring department and justified accordingly.


To sponsor an event, organization or activity:

  1. Submit your request on a Payment Voucher (PV)
  2. The activity receiving the funds must have an EIN and be appropriately registered with the Secretary of State in which the activity is located.
    • The activity must complete, sign, and return a UNLV Vendor Application packet before payment will be made.
  3. Funds used to sponsor an activity may not come from state-appropriated accounts. In addition, restricted accounts (both grant and gift) may only be used if the activity is specifically provided for in the grant or gift. 
  4. The word "donation" may not be used in any of the back-up documentation.
  5. Documentation attached to the PV must state:
    • who will receive the funds
      • a letter that formally request the sponsorship from the organization should be attached
    • what the funds will be used for by the organization and when will they be used
    • how UNLV's sponsorship will contribute to the UNLV's mission - as sponsorship of an activity should be related to the mission of the sponsoring department and justified accordingly
  6. The PV with its documentation needs the appropriate approval:
    • The Provost/Vice President, Associate Vice President/Associate Provost, or the Dean may approve these requests
    • requests from the Athletics Department will be reviewed by the President's Office
    • student organizations (such as CSUN, GPSA, Student housing, etc.) where final approval rests with a governing body, only need to have approval of that governing body

Some things to remember:

  • under no circumstances may State (21xx) or grant accounts be used
  • supporting documentation must be submitted with your PV
  • ensure that the appropriate approvals are obtained for your department

  • Questions concerning a Departmental Sponsorship should be directed to A/P (x53822)

You can reach the Vendor Team by Phone:
(702) 895-1157

Or Fax:
(702) 895-1519

Contact us if you have any questions

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