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About our Topics
The following topics are provided as a convenience. It does not reflect the entire list of policies and procedures in place at UNLV. However, we have attempted to list all topics as they relate to the Accounts Payable Office.

If Policy or Procedure has been changed, and is not reflected on these pages, the most current approved document will be in effect. We will make every attempt to update these pages in a timely manner. If you find a topic that needs to be updated, or included, feel free to contact us.

Accounts Payable Topic: Signature Stamps


This policy refers to stamped or facsimile signatures used for document approval.


Signatures on any document expending State/University/College funds must be original signatures. Stamped/facsimile signatures or initials are not acceptable. (SAM 2616.0).

Any document suspected of having other than an original signature will be returned to the originator without action for proper signature(s).

Some things to remember:

  • Various signature approvals may not be delegated. Therefore, original signatures are required

  • Contact A/P for any clarification on this policy

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