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The following topics are provided as a convenience. It does not reflect the entire list of policies and procedures in place at UNLV. However, we have attempted to list all topics as they relate to the Accounts Payable Office.

If Policy or Procedure has been changed, and is not reflected on these pages, the most current approved document will be in effect. We will make every attempt to update these pages in a timely manner. If you find a topic that needs to be updated, or included, feel free to contact us.

Accounts Payable Topic: Refunds


On occasion, a department may receive a refund check from a vendor.  If you do not believe that this check belongs to you, please contact the Cashiers Office, or Accounts Payablefor assistance.


To receive proper credit and avoid the need to reimburse the vendor later, the department should:

  • Note the purchase order number on the check stub and, if available, attach the original vendor invoice to the check.

  • Send the vendor’s check to A/P at Mail Stop 1053.

  • If a credit was not already taken by UNLV:

    • The check will be endorsed;

    • A deposit form will be prepared to credit the original account charged for the purchase; and

    • The deposit will be forwarded to the Cashiers Office by Accounts Payable.

Some things to remember:

  • If the check does not appear to belong to you, it may not
  • Be certain to attach any pertinent documentation, so that the funds may be deposited into the correct account

  • For any questions, please contact the Vendor Team at 895-1157

You can reach the Vendor Team by Phone:
(702) 895-1157

Or Fax:
(702) 895-1519

Contact us if you have any questions

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