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The following topics are provided as a convenience. It does not reflect the entire list of policies and procedures in place at UNLV. However, we have attempted to list all topics as they relate to the Accounts Payable Office.

If Policy or Procedure has been changed, and is not reflected on these pages, the most current approved document will be in effect. We will make every attempt to update these pages in a timely manner. If you find a topic that needs to be updated, or included, feel free to contact us.

Accounts Payable Topic: Petty Cash Replenishment


This procedure helps to replenish your existing petty cash fund. It does not, however, describe the guidelines for which you may use this fund. If you have any questions on the petty cash guidelines, or how to set up a petty cash fund, please contact the Jane Kober in the Controller's Office at 895-1631.


To replenish your fund:

The fund custodian must prepare a payment voucher

  • this must reference all unpaid fund expenditures to date
  • the amount, when added to the cash remaining in the fund, should equal the authorized amount of the petty cash fund.
  • The payment voucher will contain:
    • "Misc-Petty" as the vendor code
    • "(Department) Petty Cash Fund" as the vendor name
    • c/o (the custodian’s full name) on the first address line
    • UNLV - mail sort code on the second address line
  • It is recommended that the custodian not be given signature authority for the account used to replenish expenditures or shortages.
  • Use the appropriate object code and sub-object for the type of expense
  • If the expense was hosting-related, the custodian must charge the expense to an authorized host account.

Keep legible copies of all receipts paid by the petty cash fund for which the fund has not been replenished

Attach the original invoices/receipts to the payment voucher submitted to the Accounts Payable Office

  • Acceptable receipts are those described in the UNLV Receipts Policy Memo
  • Invoices/receipts need to be entered individually on the payment voucher and not consolidated on a single accounting line
  • Only six (6) receipts/invoices may be entered on a single Payment Voucher

Submit the Payment Voucher to Accounts Payable (Mail Stop 1053).

The replenishment check for the fund will be sent to the fund custodian, via campus mail, unless otherwise indicated on the payment voucher.

Some things to remember:

  • The petty cash custodian should not have signature authority on the account used to replenish the fund
  • The petty cash fund should be replenished in-full each time a PV is submitted
  • Please contact Jane Kober in the Controller's Office for petty cash guidelines 895-1631
  • The Receipts Policy must be followed with regard to acceptable receipts

  • For any questions on this proceedure, please contact the Vendor Team at 895-1157
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