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The following topics are provided as a convenience. It does not reflect the entire list of policies and procedures in place at UNLV. However, we have attempted to list all topics as they relate to the Accounts Payable Office.

If Policy or Procedure has been changed, and is not reflected on these pages, the most current approved document will be in effect. We will make every attempt to update these pages in a timely manner. If you find a topic that needs to be updated, or included, feel free to contact us.

Accounts Payable Topic: Payment Vouchers

The Payment Voucher (PV) form is used to direct Accounts Payable to pay a vendor, reimburse an individual, or replenish an authorized fund. Generally, this document is used to pay for after-the-fact purchases. It may not be used in place of University purchasing procedures.

There are two versions of the PV form in use:

These forms must be ordered from Reprographics. You may use a computerized version of this form (such as the one provided here), however, you must use the document number from a pre-printed form.

This is a computerized version of the PV. Unlike the "PVC" form above, you do not need to order copies from Reprographics. In order to use these forms, you must register and obtain a list of valid PV numbers for your department; at that time you will be given a version of the PV.

For more details, please contact Yvette Walton at 895-1143

Policy and Procedures
How to complete a Payment Voucher:

The Header

Ensure that the payee has been approved and entered into the Advantage Financial System by Purchasing.
  • The payee must provide a W-9 before a vendor number will be assigned.
  • Call Purchasing at 895-3521 to request a Vendor Application
       (Substitute IRS Form W-9)

    Complete the appropriate fields for Vendor Code, Name, and Address

    Fill in your contact information

    If the payee is an individual, ensure that a valid W9 is on file.

    If the check is not going to be mailed directly to the vendor, note your requested check disposition

    The "Document Text" is used to for notes on specific transactions. For example:
  • Who is being reimbursed or hosted
  • Why was a PV used instead of a purchase order
  • When is this membership, or subscription started
  • Where is the function being held
  • What previous order does this cross reference

    The Account Lines

    Fill out the complete account line for this transaction
  • Use one account line per invoice or receipt
  • Be certain that you specify the Object and Sub-Object codes

    Briefly describe the transaction for this account
  • Note the account number, membership name, or
       transaction reference for the vendor
  • Use the Document Text when more space is needed

    Copy the Vendor Invoice number on the back-up documentation

    Specify the entire dollar amount for this account line
  • If an invoice is being paid on two or more account lines,
       specify only the amount being paid with this account

    Total all the account lines and fill in the appropriate field

    Signature Authority

    Obtain the signature authority for the referenced accounts
  • Signature authorities may not self-endorse their PV, obtain
       a supervisory approval when appropriate

    If a grant account was used, submit the documentation for Grants and Contracts approval

    Memberships and Licenses may require Dean or Director approval


    Listed below are the most common uses for the Payment Voucher followed by some key points unique to that particular transaction:


    Memberships, Dues and Licenses

    Invoices referencing a "2T" purchase order: This PV confirms that the department received the goods/services ordered.
  • An original copy of the vendor’s invoice must attached.

    Petty Cash Replenishment

    Miscellaneous Employee Expense Reimbursement (Non-Travel): Reimburse employees for out-of-pocket expenses incurred.
  • The original receipt must be attached.

    Host Reimbursement: Charged to a designated Host Account or an Interview and Recruiting Account.
  • An original copy of the vendor’s invoice must be attached.
  • The name and affiliation of each person hosted must be
       cited on the receipt, on an attached page or on the PV.

    Miscellaneous Student Reimbursements: Dormitory and telephone deposit refunds.
  • Must be charged to a Revenue Source and Sub-Revenue
       Sources Code.
  • The receipt number of the original deposit needs to be
       entered in Invoice field on PV form.
  • The complete name, social security number and
       non-campus address of student is required.

    Conference Registration
  • An original and complete copy of the completed registration
       form and complete copy of the conference brochure needs
       to be attached.

    Utility Payments
  • Complete invoice is required
  • telephone payments need to be authenticated by the
       dean/director/chair that all calls were for official business
  • cellular payments need to be authenticated by the user
       that the calls were made for official UNLV business.
  • A check or money order by the person who made any
       unofficial calls payable to "Board of Regents/UNLV"
       should be attached for any unofficial calls made.

  • After-the-Fact Purchase
  • A university purchase order was not used for the transaction
  • A P-card was not used for the transaction
  • An original copy of the vendor’s invoice with a description
       of each item purchased must be attached
  • An explanation why a purchase order was not used must
       be listed under the document text

    Some things to keep in mind:
  • If the payee is a new vendor, the vendor needs to complete
       and IRS Form W9 and attach it to the PV.
  • A Payment Voucher may never be used in place of a valid
       purchase order.
  • Signature authority for a PV may require more than the
       signature authority for an account
  • For any questions, please contact the Vendor Team
       at 895-1157
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