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Non-Reimbursable Expenses


The following list is non-inclusive of non-reimbursable expenses.


The following fees are not allowed to be reimbursed, charged on a P-card, or prepaid.

  • Airfare Bonus Points: Travelers will not be reimbursed for using personal bonus flight points in lieu of out of pocket funds for any expense. You must provide a true out of pocket expense in order to be reimbursed.


  • Annual fees for personal charge or credit cards

  • Baby-sitting

  • Vehicle cleaning

  • Corporate credit card delinquency fees / finance charges / annual charges

  • Expenses incurred on personal side trips while on business trip

  • Laundry charges for travel less than four consecutive nights

  • Loss / theft of personal property

  • Mini-bar refreshments

  • Movies

  • “No Show” charges for hotel or vehicle service

  • Optional travel insurance

  • Parking fines or traffic fines

  • Passports or passport photographs

  • Personal clothing or hygiene items

  • Personal entertainment, including sports events

  • Personal telephone call(s) that exceed $10.00 per day

  • Room service fee/tips

  • Non-meal tips / gratuities

    • Tips for personal meals, alcohol, taxi, shuttle, and Limo’s etc. are not reimbursable

  • Use of prepaid phone cards (except for prepaid phone cards while in travel status in a foreign location) and other prepaid cards such as gift certificates and prepaid credit cards

  • Satellite Radio and GPS Navigation Systems

  • Airline "Early Bird" check in fees


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