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Accounts Payable Topic: "Faculty Initial Expenses"

Questions concerning the "Faculty Initial Expense" are to be referred to the Human Resource Department.

Extention 54095

General Information

  • A new employee may be paid a one time payment "Faculty Initial Expense". The employee will not be eligible for reimbursement for moving, relocation or other expenses in connection with beginning of employment.
  • The amount of this payment will be specified in the Letter of Offer to the employee/candidate.
  • The amount can not be more than one twelfth of the employees base salary unless approved by the President or the VP of finance.
  • The new employee should be advised that this payment will be subject to tax withholding and will be included in their W-2 reported taxable earnings. The new employee should explore these with a qualified tax specialist.
  • The payment will be made through the HR/Payroll system, contact Human Resources for processing information.
  • PAC (Personnel Action Form) earning code is FIE, "Faculty Initial Expenses"
  • Faculty Initial Expenses may not be paid with State Funds (21XX)

Some things to remember

  • Payment is included in W-2 reported taxable earnings
  • An employee who has accepted the "Faculty Initial Expense" and who voluntarily terminates his/her employment within one year after beginning work, must repay the amount of the payment to UNLV
  • The offer letter must inform the employee of the repayment requirement.
  • If the payment is required, UNLV may withhold the amount of the repayment from the employee's regular or final payroll check
  • UNLV may not give tax advice
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