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Accounts Payable Topic: Check With Order Vendors

The following vendors do not meet the credit terms of UNLV. In order to make a purchase from one of these locations, please review the procedures on our Index of Topics and request a Check With Order.

CWO Vendors

Restricted Vendors

The following vendors will not accept a check from UNLV - even as a prepayment. For this reason, UNLV can not do business with these vendors on account. Payment may be made as an out of pocket expense, or by using a UNLV Procurement Card.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Some of these vendors may accept our purchase order, but their credit terms may not meet our criteria. In this case, a CWO is still required.
  • If you run across another local vendor that does not accept a UNLV purchase order, please contact us. We will then add them to our list.
  • Vendors that do not accept a purchase order or check from UNLV may still accept a credit card. You may consider the UNLV Procurement Card.
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